Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Healthy Hands on DVD - An Exercise Program Review

Upper body exercise DVD available ...

"Healthy Hands on DVD is a 50 minute, comprehensive, upper-body conditioning program developed to improve the flexibility, strength and endurance of those at risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive strain injuries. It is a gentle program that can also be used for those recuperating from an injury.

Five exercise segments focus on different aspects of upper-body conditioning. Modifications are demonstrated that allow those at every fitness level to safely personalize the program.

o healthy
o de-conditioned
o high injury risk
o recovering from an injury

The program can also be personalized based upon individual needs and daily time constraints. Simply choose the relevant exercise segments from the main menu. For example, you may perform the stretching program daily; however, three to four times a week, you may want to add the strengthening and core strengthening exercises.


The five main exercise sections on this DVD include:

* A General Warm-Up
* Upper Body Active Motion
* Upper Body Stretches
* Upper Body Strengthening
* Core Muscle Strengthening

Two additional segments provide information that will further reduce the risk of injury and complete this comprehensive, injury prevention program.

* Diaphragmatic Breathing Techniques
* Basic Office Ergonomic Education

This therapy-based, low-intensity exercise and injury prevention program is ideal for those starting out, starting over, or recuperating from an injury. It complements work-site stretch programs and therapeutic home exercise programs provided by physical and occupational therapists."    (Continued via Bella Online, Marji Hajic)    [Usability Resources]

Healthy Hands

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Blogger Hand Health Resources said...

The DVD "Healthy Hands" that is reviewed in this article is only available on site @ www.HandHealthResources.com. This DVD - "Healthy Hands: An Upper Body Conditioning Program for Work Injury Prevention" - is a program developed by a certified hand therapist who treats repetitive strain injuries.

The actual DVD linked to at the end of this article available through Amazon.com is one by Martin Gray, a yoga instructor which emphasizes massage techniques.

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