Saturday, December 01, 2007

Steelcase Treadmill Workstation — Office of the Future?

Steelcase Walkstation now available ...

"I wrote in the past about the “walking while working” movement composed of a small but growing group of people abandoning their desks for a healthier alternative– a workstation jerry-rigged to a tread mill.

You just may be able to get a treadmill-workstation at your local office supply store sooner than you think. Steelcase recently unveiled its design of the concept, the Walkstation, which will be available for purchase in November.

The question is, will companies allow their employees to use such workstations? Are they practical for current office space layouts? Will HR departments deem the benefit worth the cost? What about the risk of injury?"    (Continued via Ergonomenon)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Walkstation - Ergonomics


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The WalkStation is truly a revolutionary product because it is the gets people to do what nature intended. Walk. Anyone will lose weight if their diet stays constant, not just obese folks. However, 66% of americans are overweight according to the CDC and the main culprit is inactivity and ....our chairs. At $6500 it is not going to solve the problem but there are alternatives. I made my own and attached it to a treadmill. In 2 months I have lost 18 pounds and have a lot more to go but I love how energized I feel every day and the fact that when I leave my work I have worked out already....without sweating. I do want a more professional model and I found one called TrekDesk. Their site at has some interesting articles about the health benefits of walking. It surprised me and motivated me. I will always work this way now.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This one is pretty sweet.

Remote-control wall-mounted plasma monitor, wireless air mouse.

This solution is an exercise station FIRST, and *premium* office station SECOND. So there was no skimping on the institutional-quality exercise equipment or the high-end computer workstation and internet devices.

Not for amateurs exercisers or light compuer users. Hardcore in the fitness and IT categories:
premium home-gym computer networked workstation

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