Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wrist hurting? Slap on a foot mouse

Another way to combat CTS ...

"If you spend any significant amount of time in front of the computer than you probably have firsthand knowledge of repetitive stress injuries. These are the problems than can come about when you place your body in an unnatural position all day long, such as on a mouse or flat keyboard. If you make your living on the computer than you can imagine how major an adjustment you would be willing to make in order to prevent further injury if an injury were to appear.

From an preventative standpoint an ergonomic mouse could do a great job of saving your wrist, but the fact remains that you are still relying on the same joints and only varying the angle of your wrist slightly. The answer might just be a more drastic change- the Bilila Footime Foot Mouse. Foot Mouse isn’t just a clever name, the mouse completely forsakes hand controls and is placed on the floor, in front of your chair. The cursor is controlled by a slipper that you strap onto your right foot and the clicking is done with the left. The pedal pad has controls for clicks, double clicks, and shortcuts.

The Foot Mouse, also known as the slipper mouse due to the design of the cursor controller, sells for $199. This puts it on the expensive side of things, but the price is not unheard of given how specialized the product is and how much other ergonomic products can sell for. Of course, the Foot Mouse does nothing to address the ergonomics of your hands when they are on the keyboard, but with some setup you can get an on-screen keyboard and you can be typing away with your feet."    (Continued via    [Ergonomics Resources]

Foot Mouse - Ergonomics

Foot Mouse

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