Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ergonomics Offers Dental Practice Benefits

Ergonomics in dental offices ...

"Ergonomics is the science of environments and products to match the individuals who use them. We all know that an ergonomic office environment can result in less time devoted to sick days, less hours of muscle fatigue, reduced risk of injury, and less chances of chronic disability. The study of ergonomics has interested scholars for years. However, it is only recently that we have developed a science to describe the human factors involved in different environments. It is time for the dental profession to fully embrace the ergonomic concept, since this type of a work environment pays in terms of production time and employee job satisfaction.

The following is an easy checklist describing how ideal ergonomic areas can be maintained in your workplace environment.

Front Desk Computer Terminal

- The terminal screen is free of glare or shadows. Images on the screen are sharp, easy to read and do not flicker. The terminal is located away from windows or at a 90-degree angle to the window.

- The top of the monitor is slightly lower than eye level.

- When working on the keyboard, wrists are relaxed on a wrist rest to help reduce muscle fatigue.

- The operator is sitting directly in front of the keyboard and the keyboard is placed directly in line with the monitor.


- Backrests or lumbar supports are contoured to support the contour of your spine and are height adjustable so they can fit the individual.

- A seat cushion that slopes down at the front of the chair helps improve circulation to the lower legs.

- All chair adjustments can be reached from a seated position and mechanisms can be adjusted frequently to accommodate body movement throughout the course of the day.

Work Surface

- Non-reflective to reduce glare and large enough to accommodate work material.

- Leg room is sufficient to change position of legs without getting up.

- Place commonly used items close at hand to avoid excessive stretching and store infrequently used items.

- Loose wires are well-managed by the use of grommets or wire management channels so they do not interfere with operator safety."    (Continued via DentoCafe)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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