Monday, January 07, 2008

Safety Management A Guide For Facility Managers

New OSHA standards and requirements ...

"Research and Markets has announced the addition of “Safety Management: A Guide for Facility Managers” to their offering.

Joseph Gustins Safety Management is designed as an easy-to-access, ready guide to the world of safety planning and compliance, OSHA inspections, workplace violence, ergonomics, recovery from downtime losses, the intricacies of ADA, and more. Emphasis is placed on maximizing productivity and standards compliance, while minimizing injuries, liabilities and downtime.

The new second edition provides updated statistics, a cross comparison of "old" vs. "new" OSHA standards, an update on employer compliance requirements to ADA with references to various court decisions, discussion of new ergonomics standards, explanation of recent revisions to OSHA workplace inspection/investigation procedures and record keeping rules, and new material on violence in the workplace which includes checklists, case studies and recommendations.


1 - Understanding Safety as a Workplace Issue

2 - Rights & Responsibilities

3 - The Whistleblower Act

4 - Safety Regulations & Facility Liability

5 - The Americans with Disabilities Act"    (Continued via Yahoo! Finance)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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