Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ergonomical Mouse, Also Fits Lefties

A new ergonomic mouse solution also for left handed users ...

"The Switch Mouse from Humanscale can be adjusted in a large number of ways to fit your hand, providing both left- and right-handed users with the closest fit possible. Wired praises the product for its 'forward-thinking, ergonomically flawless design'. Strangely, though the mouse's physical ergomomical properties are great, according to Wired the tactile properties of the click buttons and scroll-wheel-like four-way button leave to be desired. A good illustration that ergonomics is about more than just the physical fit of the product. In addition, the aesthetics of the product seem somewhat polarizing: Wired dislikes the design, while others praise it. There's more to ergonomics than just ergonomics."    (Continued via the product usability weblog)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Switch Mouse - Ergonomics

Switch Mouse

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