Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Equipois Introduces the Revolutionary zeroG(TM) Arm Technology to Combat Injury and Inefficiency in the Workplace

Creating zero gravity ...

"Equipois Inc. announced the launch of its zeroG(TM) line of products, which renders tools, parts, and even the human arm effectively weightless while allowing unmatched freedom of motion. The company introduced the product line at the keynote luncheon of the Applied Ergonomics Conference and Expo today in Orlando, Florida.

Designed by legendary inventor Garrett Brown, the zeroG(TM) technology utilizes a patented spring, cam and gimbal-based architecture to "float" objects as if they weigh virtually nothing while allowing them to be maneuvered almost effortlessly, with full range of motion and functionality. By significantly reducing the exertion required to operate tools and move materials, the zeroG(TM) technology reduces workplace injuries, a massive problem estimated to cost U.S. businesses more than $200 billion a year. It can also enhance productivity by increasing the speed and accuracy of industrial tasks.

Eric Golden, Equipois's founder and CEO, said: "With gravity effectively neutralized, workers can perform at a new level - they can accomplish more in a shorter time and with greater precision, all without suffering debilitating and costly injuries that businesses have until now been forced to accept as inevitable. In short, the zeroG(TM) technology allows workers to use their skill and judgment without using up their bodies...with significant savings to employees, employers, and customers."

Equipois's first offering, available for delivery starting in April of 2008, will be the zeroG4, which holds tools and parts weighing up to 36 pounds. Equipois tested and refined this technology in pilot projects with world leading companies in aerospace, heavy machinery, marine manufacturing, and other industries.

United States Ergonomics, an independent firm of Certified Professional Ergonomists, conferred the zeroG with its highest "Ergonomic Certification" after putting test subjects through a range of exercises. "We are extremely impressed with this product's capabilities and performance," said Kevin Costello, President of United States Ergonomics. "Our tests revealed that the zeroG produces dramatic reductions in user muscle effort and fatigue potential. The zeroG will allow employees to work longer with less effort." Costello also noted that test subjects uniformly found the zeroG extremely easy to learn and use and offered high praise for its performance, even when maneuvering weights up to 24 pounds throughout their full range of motion."    (Continued via    [Ergonomics Resources]

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