Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse - A Product Review

A review of the vertical mouse ...

"In 1994, the Evoluent VerticalMouse was patented. Its unique design places the forearm in a neutral, hand-shake position rather than in a palm-down position. This relieves pressure on muscles and compression on nerves in the forearm that may become tight and pinched during long hours of positioning with the forearm in the palm-down pose. In spite of an enthusiastic response from trade show attendees, the larger mouse production companies did not share his vision and it took Jack Lo, the designer, over 8 years to move through the stages of product research, design and development before the release of the first Evoluent VerticalMouse in 2002. Since that time, the Evoluent Vertical Mouse has undergone 2 additional revisions with the goal of helping more people “cure and prevent mouse injuries”.


The Evoluent VerticalMouse is about the same height and width of a standard mouse. In fact, it looks very much like a mouse that has been positioned on its side. The most obvious difference from a standard mouse is in the height and button placement. The buttons are placed on the outside edge of the mouse with an indentation for the thumb on the inside edge. This mouse contains five buttons - three standard-sized buttons along the outside edge, a scroll wheel along the outside edge between the top and middle button, and a long, thin oval-shaped button in the thumb indentation along the inside edge. The top button performs the traditional left mouse click functions. The middle button performs the traditional right mouse click functions. The scroll wheel performs the traditional scroll functions. The remaining bottom button and thumb indentation button are for programmable functions. In fact, all five buttons are programmable with 59 different functions available through free shareware. Links are available through customer support on the Evoluent website. The buttons are easy to activate with a light force but are firm enough to prevent accidental mouse clicks.

Who Will Benefit From Using the Evoluent VerticalMouse?

* The neutral forearm positioning is comfortable and recommended for anyone with forearm or wrist pain and swelling.
* This mouse is also recommended for those with a tendency to activate the mouse by swiveling through the wrist rather than keeping the wrist neutral.


* Very comfortable to hold and to manipulate. Button activation is smooth. The scroll wheel in the latest version (the VerticalMouse 3) has been redesigned with detents (clicks) to provide improved feedback. The Vertical Mouse 2 offers a smooth rolling scroll wheel. The VerticalMouse 3 offers a small lip on the bottom edge to prevent the small finger from rubbing against the desk surface.
* Button activation and use is similar to standard mice so that adjustment time is short.
* Elegant appearance in a professional black matte with a soft-touch coating and choice of glossy black or silver buttons in a calming wave-like design."    (Continued via Marji Hajic, Bella Online)
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