Thursday, March 27, 2008

Station Crew Back to Business as Usual

Space station ergonomics ...

"After space shuttle Endeavour undocked from the International Space Station Monday, ending the STS-123 crew’s 12-day stay at the orbital outpost, the Expedition 16 crew got back to business as usual.

Commander Peggy Whitson depressurized the station’s Pressurized Mating Adapter 2 to prevent condensation and pressure fluctuations, followed by a leak check an hour later. She also powered down the Robotics Workstation laptop.

Flight Engineer Yuri Malenchenko finished reconfiguring the Russian telephone/telegraph subsystem (STTS) to its post-undocking settings. The STTS enables telephone communications between different parts of the station.

The newest Expedition 16 crew member, Flight Engineer Garrett Reisman, set up the Elaboratore Immagini Televisive - Space 2 (ELITE-S2) payload. ELITE-S2 is an Italian experiment that records and analyzes the three-dimensional motion of astronauts. This study will help engineers apply ergonomics into future spacecraft designs and determine the effects of weightlessness on breathing mechanisms for long-duration missions.

After working on these and other jobs on undocking day, the crew had some off-duty time Tuesday and performed a number of tasks later in the day. Among other tasks, Whitson worked on an experiment that monitors sleep/wake patterns and light exposure, and Malenchenko did routine maintenance on the station’s Environment Control and Life Support System. All three crew members spent time exercising."    (Continued via The Space Fellowship)    [Ergonomics Resources]

International Space Station - Ergonomics

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