Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Alphagrip, an Ergonomic Keyboard That Will Make You Look Twice

A whole new keyboard concept ...

"If you grew up playing video games (or play them now), you might appreciate the Alphagrip ergonomic keyboard. It looks more like a game controller than a keyboard, and you'd certainly have to relearn your typing skills if you used it, but might it help for folks with repetitive stress injuries, since it has an "organic design tailored for natural hand alignment." And it looks pretty cool too.

"The AlphaGrip USB computer keyboard and trackball is a superior alternative for gaming, writing emails, coding, or composing memos while sitting, leaning back, or lying down. No longer experience the hassle of balancing a keyboard on your knees or the awkward, uncomfortable positions you are forced to contort into when using a laptop at home. With a keyboard and trackball in the palm of your hands, you can lean back and achieve the same productivity as if you were sitting at your desk. And for gamers, the AlphaGrip's ten-finger control enhances your ability to generate any action."    (Continued via Ergoblog)    [Ergonomics Resources]

The AlphaGrip Keyboard - Ergonomics

The AlphaGrip Keyboard

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