Friday, May 16, 2008

Computer Couch: Cool, Convenient And Going Into Production

Ergonomic design spurs new products ...

"Three-in-one laptop sleeve/stand/cooling aid
The Computer Couch is a laptop accessory that is ergonomic, aids cooling and can be used as a sleeve as well. Bram de Zwart, Master’s student at IDE in Delft, conceived the accessory during a scholarship at the Politecnico di Milano, together with fellow exchange student Martin Fleckenstein. For the Concept Design Studio course under Scottsman Norman McNally they had to conceive a product, make thirty prototypes and sell these during a concluding fair annex presentation. They sold all thirty prototypes and got a 10 (maximum grade) for their design.

Inspiration from observation
The inspiration for their product came from observing students that were using all kinds of solutions to work outside with their laptops. “Often they'd put a book underneath it to be able to type more comfortably, and to cool the device better” (which in warmer cities like Milan is an issue).

In the shops by the end of 2008
The Dutch company BakkerElkhuizen Ergonomie, which has obtained the exclusive rights to develop and sell the product, is expecting to have the device in the shops by the end of 2008. Zwart made the original prototype from a bathroom mat, velcro, some string and elastic band. I wonder what BakkerElkhuizen will charge for that."    (Continued via the product usability weblog)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Computer Couch - Ergonomics

Computer Couch

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