Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Sleep Study Sheds Light On Why We're Tired

It may be the mattress ...

"You're not alone if you have a hard time making it through the work day. Studies show more than 70 million Americans aren't getting enough sleep. A new study may explain why we're not getting the quality shut-eye we need.

A new study published in the Journal of Applied Ergonomics shows a link between mattress quality and sleep quality. The study found the average mattress is nine years old. When researchers replaced the subject's mattress, they found most got a better night's sleep, and about half saw reduced back pain and spine stiffness.

Sleep experts say you might need a new bed if you wake up stiff or have aches and pains, if you have a better night's sleep somewhere else, like a hotel, if your mattress sags or has lumps, and if it's more than five to seven years old.

Dr. Bert Jacobson with Oklahoma State University, says, "Shop carefully because it's going to provide you some much needed sleep. If you don't get that much sleep, I think we all understand how we feel the next day, we're not on top of our game, physically emotionally, socially or any other way."

The Better Sleep Council says when you shop for a mattress, make sure you comparison shop, ask the sales person to see a cut-away, so you can really see the support and coils in the mattress, and take the bed for a test drive, lying down in your different sleep positions. Finally, the council says to make sure you buy the best value, not the best bargain."    (Continued via WHO TV)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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