Monday, August 11, 2008

How You Can Prevent Back and Neck Pain

Good sitting posture ...

"You have a choice!

As the owner of your body, you have as great an influence over your spinal health as your doctor does. Your doctor will help you get out of pain, but it’s up to you to keep the pain from coming back. By making some simple lifestyle choices, you can remove one of the leading causes of recurrent back and neck pain, poor posture.

In general, the bad influences of age, heredity, or accidents are uncontrollable. Yet, these become small obstacles to long-term back and neck pain solutions when you take control of your posture. Furthermore, not just standing posture, for we sit, sleep, and recline up to 90 percent of each day, 365 days a year.

Posture and spinal health
Research shows the positions we place our spines in during activity or when at rest, will be either beneficial or create harmful stresses on muscles, ligaments, discs, nerve tissue, and bone.

Prolonged slouching which reverses the natural curves of the lumbar and cervical spine, can cause damage to spinal tissues. Over the years, repetitive poor posture can cause discomfort, pain, and conditions that may lead to the need for surgery.

Sitting and spinal health
Over time, we can damage our backs by hunching over our work at the office and/or sitting slouched in an unsupportive sofa, chair, or recliner at home. Correct sitting posture will help you prevent pain from recurring.

To protect your back while sitting:

* Maintain your spine’s natural posture by resting your back against a firm backrest with lumbar support.

* While at your desk, use inward adjusting armrests to support your body upright to reduce harmful slouching and to take the upper body weight off your wrists to help prevent repetitive stress injuries.

* Adjust your chair height and position so you’re close to your work reducing the need to lean forward.

* Keep your feet on the floor, or support your feet with a footrest to reduce seated pressur"    (Continued via SpineUniverse)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Bad Posture - Ergonomics

Bad Posture

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