Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ergotron Wants to Ease Notebook Users' Pain

Avoiding pain when using a laptop ...

"Ergotron has rolled out a stand and a wireless keyboard and mouse combo to help folks user good ergonomics...even with back- and wrist-destroying notebook computers.

Speaking as a long-time computer user…I don't know how you notebook users cope. Those tiny screens are always at a bad angle, the keyboards are atrocious, and, let's face it: the only time anyone really wants to use one of those hot plates on their lap is outside in the dead of winter. I see you all hunched down over your screens, wrists bent at funny angles as you try to do something productive, and, well, I feel your pain.

So does display mounting and peripheral maker Ergotron, which has announced its new Neo-Flex Notebook WorkBase, along with a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. The Neo-Flex Notebook WorkBase is designed to elevate a notebook's screen to a height that encourages godo ergonomics, and the Wireless Keyboard and Mouse are intended to let users have proper data entry gear…and anyone who's used a notebook keyboard for any length of time knows how vital that can be.

"Combine any laptop you own with the Neo-Flex Notebook WorkBase, and you're ready for the most productive laptop computing of your life," said Ergotron CEO Jane Payfer, in a statement. "We know users around the globe are hunched and crunched over their laptops when they're on the road. But when they're back home, we can inject a little comfort and way more productivity back into their lives."

The Neo-Flex stand is based on Ergotron's Notebook/Projector Lift Stand, and features height adjustment, a six-inch range of motion, and can hold up to 25 pounds. The Wireless Keyboard and Mouse use a USB-based 2.4 GHz transceiver for an operational range over 30 feet; the keyboard features four programmable hot keys and the mouse offers a 1,000 dpi resolution. Combined, however, they run off four AAA batteries.

Offered together, the Neo-Flex stand and Wireless Keyboard and Mouse carry an MSRP of $99; the keyboard and mouse are also offered separately for $59."    (Continued via Digital Trends, Geoff Duncan)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Ergotron Notebook Stand - Ergonomics

Ergotron Notebook Stand

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