Sunday, September 28, 2008

Longtime fans try out first seats installed in new Cowboys stadium

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"For a few minutes, Bob and Harriet Hughes had not just the best seats in the new Dallas Cowboys stadium but the only seats.

The 70-year-old Dallas couple, fans since the Cowboys' days as an expansion franchise, was chosen to sit in the first seats installed in the new stadium in Arlington. Workers with drills installed a pair of Cowboys blue seats in section 304 Tuesday afternoon, and the couple sat down and admired their view for the first time.

"You can look at the pictures in the newspaper," Mrs. Hughes said, "but you don't really see it all until you get here."

Mr. Hughes added: "This makes us feel like we're part of the stadium."

...He said the design was also tweaked a little from the Qwest seats and made with a higher back.

"We thought we could make some improvements for the comfort and ergonomics," Mr. Griffiths said.

The seats are attached to aluminum rails that are bolted into concrete. The suite seats will have cup holders in the arm rests, but the other seats have them attached to the backs.

Camatic has been shipping 40-foot-long containers filled with seats about every week and a half, but that number will increase to two or three containers per week soon. Mr. Hill said the plan is to install about 2,200 seats each week."    (Continued via Dallas Morning News, Jeff Mosier)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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