Saturday, October 25, 2008

Computer Ergonomics and the Office of the Future - Part 3

Ergonomics in the future - part 3 ...

"In Part 3 we will discuss Architectural Innovations such as Overhead Lighting, Partial Cubicles, Personal Storage and Homier Designs.

Architectural Innovations

Overhead Lighting Design

Overhead lighting will work in conjunction with the natural light from outside windows. In order to reduce eyestrain caused by glare from inside and outside lighting monitors must be placed in such a way so that overhead and outside lighting is not shining or reflecting at the screen or in the computer user's eyes.

In most buildings today the lighting design does not offer this flexibility. Usually what happens in most of the buildings I have seen is if the monitor is placed perpendicular to the window and to the front of the body the overhead lighting is placed in such a way that it shines or reflects directly in the eyes.

The overhead lighting must be placed so that the beams of light shine and reflect towards the sides of the body. This design of overhead lighting in conjunction with placing the monitor perpendicular to the window is the best of both lighting worlds. Architects, are you listening?

Partial Cubicles

Partial cubicles will allow for some privacy and also the ability for the worker to feel as though they are working in a larger space. The cubicles offer very little room to move and can stifle creativity, inspiration and productivity. Plus the desk space areas are too small.

I see the possibility of adjustable height screens attached on ceilings that can be adjusted up and down depending on the time of day and the amount of sun that is shining on their particular workspace. It can also offer a bit of privacy when focusing on a particular project.

Personal Storage

I see a place to put all personal items (coats, sweater, purse, extra shoes, etc.) so that they are not stored underneath desk area. When these items have no place to go except under the desk area it creates little space for legs and feet. Legs can get cramped when they do not have room to move around under the desk.

If the legs are constantly looking for a way to be comfortable the computer user may push the body away from the space How about a personal cabinet just for personal items please! If you are a boss or facilities manager give some personal space to your employees. Their personal items are just as valuable as all their files (if not more!)."    (Continued via Ezine Articles, Wendy Young)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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