Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ergonomics Helps Increase ROI

A case for economical ergonomics ...

"An increase in return on investment during a time of economic downturn? What is the answer to this? It seems to be a joke, but in actuality is very realistic. The answer is implementation of ergonomic devices in the workplace. The idea behind implementation of ergonomic devices is that each serves as a tool to help employees feel more comfortable and free of pain as they move throughout the day in their workspace. The comfort of employees leads to a boost in employees’ overall morale and therefore, leads to increase in productivity. In this sense, the analogy can be made that the employer’s are investing in their employees, which they will see even greater positive returns in the future by implementation of ergonomic devices.

Many offices have found this statement to be true and have bought ergonomic instruments. Now, there is a new product in this field. It is a keyboard. The product is known as the Ergo 2.0 Keyboard. It diminishes the qualms of previous ergonomic keyboards in several ways. For example, it was designed to be customized by the employee who is using it at any given time. Therefore, as the worker changes, the keyboard is able to adapt to fit that person’s needs. Also, unlike older models of ergonomic keyboards, it is relatively easier to install.

These are only a few features of the Ergo 2.0 Keyboard. The important thing to know is that there are more options available. The field of ergonomics is constantly growing, and with time we all hope to see our return on investments to continually increase!"    (Continued via Ergo4Me)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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