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Balance key to working from home

How to practice good ergonomics when working at home ...

"Raymond Biesinger's illustrations have graced the pages of international publications like the New York Times, Fast Company and Neon - but he remains in Edmonton, working from a home studio.

... Most people who work at home, either as an entrepreneur or as an employee, struggle to balance their lives, says the Prince George, B.C.,-based career coach. "Working from home means you're always at work and it's tempting to work too much."

Without co-workers, there's no one to remind you to take a break, or encourage you to consider the ergonomics of your work station, as an HR department might do.

Easton says a Vancouver friend who works at home has the right idea: he's purchased a Nintendo Wii and plays the boxing game when clients frustrate him. "It gets him up and moving, even if it's just a 15-minute break.

People who work at home are likely to neglect other considerations too, like hygiene, nutrition and rest.

All of these things play a role in your ultimate success, Easton says. She thinks it's best to treat the work-at-home workday like any other.

"Treat it like you're going to the office. Get up and take your shower and get dressed," she says. "Set up a beautiful place that you love, which is ergonomic and has windows, ideally, to remind you to get outside."

It's crucial for both your health and happiness, and the success of your work, to continue to meet people and make professional connections.

Having a mentor, or coach, can help, too. Easton recently signed up with a local women's entrepreneur association to find a mentor in her field. The two meet regularly to discuss business issues. Many Canadian cities have similar programs, which can help home-office-types connect.

People have different work styles, but Easton cautions that even self-professed introverts need to leave the house.

"Everybody works differently, but no man is an island. If you're in business, and you're trying to remain introverted, chances are you won't be as successful as if you formed those relationships and got out there."    (Continued via NB Business Journal, Caitlin Crawshaw)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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Working from home.

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