Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Work by design

An integrated view of office design ...

"The office is being deconstructed by people who want more out of life than just work and four grey walls. Work is infused by play, ergonomics are becoming increasingly important and office design is becoming democratic. Searching the globe for inspirational décor these are the latest trends I found in corporate design.

1. Work meets lifestyle

Work spaces are reflecting trends in home décor and there is noticeable continuity between what is important to people at home and in the workplace. Locally and internationally, the corporate environment is reflecting employees' lifestyle and aspirations. As such, there has been a strong movement towards open plan offices with integrated areas for work and play. In line with this, informal areas, meeting rooms and work stations are all more inspiring spaces.

2. Environmentally conscious

There is a growing concern in improving the immediate surroundings in an eco-friendly and environmentally responsible manner. This trend recognises that we are defined and influenced by our surroundings. Attention is now given to every aspect of design from lighting to climate control and ergonomics.

3. Design for everyone

In contrast to the traditional office design philosophy, which was perhaps more focused on the comfort of management, there is now a far more inclusive and egalitarian approach in designing the total working environment for all employees. Corporate décor is now there for everyone to enjoy, not only in the chairman's office.

4. Creative innovation

The move towards contemporary architecture with its clean lines and use of glass, steel and timber has resulted in more open spaces and the use of natural light in buildings. This move has impacted not only on the way office space is used, but on the way it is furnished. The corporate environment has also become more innovative and cutting edge, with interesting designer pieces gaining prominence. For example, a signature chair can be used as a stunning focal point. Art has also gained enormous prominence and interesting art pieces are taking their place in all areas of the corporate environment."    (Continued via Moneyweb, Chris Weylandt)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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