Friday, November 28, 2008

Save Your Seat

Evaluation of the Enbody chair ...

"Nowhere does the tyranny of a sedentary office lifestyle generate more curiosity and inquiry than in the issue of chairs. Entrepreneur and current Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis called the chair "the only thing that matters" in furnishing a startup; indeed, a back-of-the-envelope calculation has an average worker seated 57.5 days a year.

Here at Creativity HQ, that time is spent in a fairly generic chair, comfortable enough, but not at all notable. So when a bright orange loaner of Herman Miller's new Embody, the company's follow-up to the Aeron showed up, heads turned.

The flat, egalitarian-in-mediocrity world of office furniture was disrupted. Our office manager, generally the first to pipe up when any of these sort of wrinkles arise, inquired before the chair was even out of the mailroom. Our mailguys wouldn't bring the chair by until I spoke to him; evidently he wanted to know why I'd ordered a new chair when we'd all received new seats recently.

Colleagues stopped by and asked about the orange oddity. Those with back ailments looked at it like the Lourdes of our cubicle farm. Some were just struck by the shape.

It seemed smartest to organize a rotation, weekly, so everyone could get a chance to evaluate the Embody, at least on our small staff. First off, you tweak the settings according to the included hangtag infosheet. Handles let you pull the seat deck out to further support your thighs to the inner-knee. A crank tightens up the lumbar region. A tiny joystick controls height. The armrests lift and move wider with ease. I was ready to fly a spaceship.

A couple weeks later it turns out we all agree on something: it's a very comfortable chair. The sitter's cradle of comfort, where your posterior meets the fabric, with the lower back and thighs as main points of contact, feels firm yet forgiving. The spinal array of struts and supports comes on with multiple touchpoints, like an alien vertebrate structure."    (Continued via Creativity Online, Nick Parish)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Embody Back - Ergonomics

Embody Back

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