Thursday, November 06, 2008

World's Largest Mouse comes with keyboard attachment

Will this work well? ...

"According to my source, designer Weston Boege’s Glide Keyboard is the world’s largest mouse. However, the Glide Keyboard isn’t a mouse per se, but a keyboard that allows for sliding around on the desk.

In other words, the keyboard and the mouse are now one in the same. I can think of a few applications where the keyboard and mouse working together could do wonders. At least you are not shifting from the keyboard to the mouse all the time.

Now all you need is a lot of space on the desk so you can roll the world’s largest mouse around. The Glide Keyboard doubles as the world’s weirdest keyboard, for the keys seemed to be joined together. Hopefully that works without any problems.

The Glide Keyboard has some special low-friction pads that allow for the sliding action. I am assuming the two pads there are for ergonomics, and there are two buttons are the left and right mice buttons are the two black buttons there.

I don’t have any word on a price for these guys, and I’m also not certain if a keyboard/mouse combination would work for me. However, I will give the designer of the Glide keyboard points for originality and thinking outside the box when it comes to improvements."    (Continued via Coolest Gadgets)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Glide Keyboard - Ergonomics

Glide Keyboard

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