Saturday, December 06, 2008

Thick Cable Cutter helps reduce repetitive motion injuries

Getting the right tool for the job ...

"Building on the success of its original BigFoot (TM) ratcheting cable cutter introduced last year, IDEAL has launched the Telco BigFoot designed to let datacom installers easily cut up to 2700 pair telephone cable or thick StalpathĀ® type communications cable with significantly less stress on their hands and forearms.

Installers who routinely cut large cables will appreciate the Telco BigFoot as a time and labor saving tool that reduces repetitive motion injuries. To use the Telco BigFoot, the contractor simply plants its over molded boot on the ground and then pushes down on the other handle, using the tool's mechanical leverage to cut the cable instead of muscular force.

A cost-saving alternative to expensive hydraulic cutting equipment, the IDEAL Telco BigFoot offers an unmatched combination of:

Hardened steel blades to achieve precision cuts and long-term durability

Rounded blades with five-tooth ratchet action to hold cable tight for minimal distortion

Compact dimensions for access into confined spaces
Quick release action to ease blade back-out

Locking mechanism to keep handles closed for safer storage

SmartGripĀ® ergonomic, slip resistant handles for a sure grip, even when wet."    (Continued via Thomasnet)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Cable cutter reduces RSI - Ergonomics

Cable cutter reduces RSI

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