Saturday, January 17, 2009

Options for Snow Removal

Save your back with snow removal alternatives ...

"Shoveling snow isn't something people look forward to every winter, but there are a few products that could make it a little easier.

Snow blowers are one option. Frank Berlo from Home Depot said you don't have to bend over to move snow like you would with a shovel. He said there are different kinds depending on the type of snow you get.

"The single stage is for lighter and not as deep snow and the two stage is for ice-packed snow. So depending on what type you have in your area, that's the type of blower you would get," said Berlo.

Another option is the standard snow shovel, but there's a new modification.

"We have a new word this year called ergonomics. If you see that shovel that has a bent handle on it, well that's designed with people's safety and people's health in mind. So you don't have to bend over and shovel like you used to you can stand up and with the bend in the shovel, it does the bending for you," he said.

Berlo said you can also spread salt on your driveway to help melt the snow. He said rock salt is a good option, but it can damage new driveways. If that's a concern, there are other forms of salt that don't damage your driveway."    (Continued via, Audry Kensicki)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Snow Removal Options - Ergonomics

Snow Removal Options

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