Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A new path for ergonomics | Facilities Management | Construction Analysis

More ergonomic furniture hits the market ...

"As we look forward to The Office Exhibition in early March, all chairs are created ergonomic but some are more ergonomic than others, says Total Communications’ Daniel Morgan.

In recent years it has become a prerequisite rather than a luxury to expect high ergonomic standards when purchasing quality office furniture.

This normalisation of ergonomics as a discipline and a design standard has led to a significant expansion in the number of products designated ‘ergonomic’ and, in turn, several key benefits have emerged for office designers as well as executives who want to create an effective working environment.

In a crowded market, designers have had to think of ways to create furniture that is more attractive to potential customers to maximise market share. This has led to innovative solutions that have driven down prices, increased ease of use and advanced the production of environmentally viable products.

The desire to use fewer parts in a bid to lower prices, complexity and environmental impact has created a situation that favours increasingly simple design. The practicalities of the market have encouraged designers to come up with advances that are in keeping with the fundamentals of the discipline.

Intelligent ergonomic tools

Tim Hutchings of Humanscale, an ergonomics company that researches, designs, develops and manufactures tools and resources for the workplace says: “It is critical that workstations have the ability to accommodate different sized people.

This can be done through the employment of ergonomic tools such as advanced task seating and monitor arms that are easy to adjust and use.

Intelligent ergonomic tools should enable users to assume neutral body postures without them really knowing it. Ease of use is primary, people rarely read product instructions."    (Continued via    [Ergonomics Resources]

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