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Approaching The Bench: What To Consider Before You Purchase A Workbench - How To Guides

Selecting a bench-type of workstation ...

"On the surface, you might think that purchasing a workbench or workstation is simple. However, to ensure that you’re getting the right workbench, here’s is a step-by-step approach to selecting the right workbench for all your needs.

What are you doing?
The answer will factor into all the considerations that follow, affecting everything from the size of the workbench to the surface material, to storage requirements, to ergonomic considerations.

Sizing up your needs.
The size of your workbench is determined by a number of factors: how much space is available in the work environment (how big a footprint)? How much worksurface area does your application demand, both in terms of width (left to right) and depth (front to back)?

Go with the flow.
It is important to consider whether the workspace, the work to be done, and your company’s particular type of workflow, are best served by a group of workstations laid out in a particular configuration.

Exploring storage.
There are many options for storage, both above and below the worksurface. With careful planning, you can get a workstation that exactly addresses your storage needs with little or no wasted space.

Seeing the light.
Determining the lighting needs of your different workbench tasks is important. Does each station need separate lighting? Does the room itself have lighting deficiencies or cast an unwanted color?
Feeling the power.

Having a convenient source of power at each workbench can be essential. Some options to consider range from power beams and air beams to air supply brackets and cable management accessories.

A stress-free decision.
It is essential to factor in ergonomics as both a safety and productivity issue. To minimize stress and strain, a 30.5” worksurface height will accommodate 99.5% of all male and 99.9% of all female workers when they are sitting down. When employees are standing, the optimal worksurface height depends on the work being performed. If different shifts and tasks are being performed on the same bench, consider an adjustable-height workstation."    (Continued via ASSEMBLY, James Anderson)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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