Friday, March 20, 2009

Big and Tall Office Chairs - What You Should Know Before Buying

Consider weight and size when buying a chair ...

"Before you purchase a Big and Tall Office Chair here are some a few things I learned when looking for a new office chair. You have to pay attention to the weight capacity. Normally I do that anyway, before I plop myself into a chair. After a few times of hearing a chair shriek under my weight, I got to be hyper sensitive to any suspicious noises from the chair. Big and tall chairs are actually rated up 400 lbs., with some going up to 500 lbs. That fact alone, reassures my mind when sitting in the chair, when I'm titling back.

Big and tall guys and gals, are well... bigger. We need bigger seats for our posteriors. Big and tall chairs have different seat proportions than regular seats. No sense jamming yourself into a regular chair, when you can sit comfortably into a larger one. Compare the seat dimensions when shopping. The seat should be both wider and deeper. Adjustability: This factor alone is one of the most important features when buying a chair. Any chair for that matter. Big and tall office chairs should be able to adjust your armrests, height and back for the greatest amount of comfort.

According to the chiropractic profession, sitting actually compresses your spine more than standing or lying down. Without a chair that adjusts, your chances of back pain increase substantially. MensHealth puts out a figure that the average worker sits on his rear about 74% of the day! Bigger people compress the padding of a chair more. If its thin to begin with, imagine your behind after a few hours on a regular chair. I know sometimes I feel like I am sitting on a block of concrete when sitting on a ordinary chair I've had for awhile. Once again, big and tall chairs have thicker padding than ordinary office chairs.

Check out the specs when purchasing. The seat material also is a factor in the comfort when buying a chair. Now a days, mesh materials are very popular. They allow airflow to the seat, reducing temperature and discomfort. ( Not to mention gas......) Some fabrics can reduce heat up to 66%.

Another feature that a comfortable big and tall chair should have is a lumbar support. This support should be fully adjustable with height and depth control. When you lean back into the chair your spine should feel supported. You should also feel confidence you won't crack the back of the chair. (Ever hear some weird noises when leaning back on a regular chair?).

Finally, casters make a big, big difference. Heavy duty casters are on big and tall chairs. They really are great to roll around on, saving your back when you are scooting around."    (Continued via Ezine Articles, Avil Roberts)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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