Monday, March 23, 2009

Heated Computer Keyboard - Ergonomic Warm Wrist Pad Provides Support

Can warmth help with ergonomic injuries ...

"Seems like the only part of the ergonomic equation not getting much attention these days is the computer keyboard. Sure, there are many ergonomic keyboards with strange shapes and designs, but the cost of them prohibit a test drive for most of us. We purchase a new computer, and a standard keyboard is included. We get used to using a standard keyboard and stick with it until something new comes along.

If wrists and hands remain on the desk top or on the keyboard itself, it can become quite uncomfortable to type. The desk and the keyboard surfaces are cold. It doesn't take very long for the wrists and hands to feel the chill. It can actually make your entire body feel cold. Cold hands when using the computer are uncomfortable and unproductive.

A value-added item to provide warmth and support is a heated computer keyboard wrist pad. One of the warm keyboard pad designs can be put into the microwave to heat. The warmth lasts about 15 minutes. Although novel, the practicality of this style of heated keyboard pad is not practical for most.

An USB (universal serial bus) connected keyboard pad seems to be the best solution for adding warmth and ergonomic support while keyboarding. A heated keyboard pad connects to the computer and draws a low voltage of electricity providing warmth to the pad's surface. The keyboard pad consists of a cloth cover and a soft sponge-like interior. The arms and wrists rest on the pad at just the right height over the keyboard. The surface of the pad delivers a steady flow of heat. Hands never touch the keyboard or the desk's surface.

The remarkable component of the USB heated keyboard pad is its healing qualities. The heating element is made of a carbon fiber which produces infrared heat. Infrared heat has been used for many years as a source of healing. The most familiar and natural source of infrared heat is the sun. A heated keyboard pad using a carbon fiber delivers infrared heat without the harmful UV rays of the sun."    (Continued via Ezine Articles, Anna Miller)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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