Sunday, March 08, 2009

Improper Laptop Use Leading To Injuries

Preventing injury do to laptop usage ...

"Ergonomics experts at Duke University Medical Center say increasing numbers of laptop users are complaining of shoulder, neck and wrist pain. For some, that could lead to nerve damage, or even damage to discs in the neck. Caroline Rourk is living proof that a bad setup can take a toll.

"I've had this numbness in my hand for months that I've tried to ascertain what caused it by seeing a couple of doctors, high-level professionals and then come to find out that it's nothing but using my laptop in the wrong way," said Rourk.

Workers aren't the only ones at risk. As more youngsters and college students turn to laptops for schoolwork and entertainment, pain and the chances for long-term injury could increase for them as well.

"They could be causing some damage to the point where it's not going to get better, so it's important to intervene early. Either change the posture or change the setup of the work area or the setup of the computer itself," said ergonomics expert Tamara James.

Setting up an external mouse and separate keyboard at elbow height can reduce users' risk for nerve damage in the hands or damage to discs in the neck.

When using the laptop at home, simply placing a book under it will boost the monitor closer to eye level while keeping wrists and shoulders low and relaxed."    (Continued via, Dennis Douda)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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