Thursday, March 12, 2009

Microsoft Makes a... Notebook Cooler

Microsoft helps maintain good posture when using notebook ...

"Microsoft’s best known for its software, but often times its hardware products are just as often found as part of users’ systems.

We’re all well acquainted with the necessary keyboard and mice products that Microsoft
makes, but the company from Redmond just unveiled something a little expected as its newest hardware offering -- a notebook cooler.

Fueled by the trend that notebook are now outpacing desktop PCs three to one, Microsoft’s Notebook Cooling Base could be the first of many such products aimed at the portable user. Mind you, those who own a notebook cooler don’t typically carry it around with them through travels, but it will help to extend the life of the components inside a notebook should the stock cooling be inadequate.

We’ve got to hand it to Microsoft for creating one of the better looking notebook cooling pads. It even has the added benefit of angling the notebook keyboard for improved ergonomics. The USB-powered fan is also a plus, unless of course USB ports on your notebook are already in short supply."    (Continued via Tom's Hardware)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Notebook Cooler - Ergonomics

Notebook Cooler

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