Friday, April 24, 2009

10 Ergonomic Products for your office

Some nice ergonomic products for the office ...

"Like most people who sit at a desk with a computer all day, you've probably got a sore back, throbbing knees, aching wrists, and eyestrain. Sound about right? Then you need to familiarize yourself with ergonomics. defines ergonomics as the act of "designing work environments for maximizing safety and efficiency." Ergonomics is about transforming your lifestyle and workspace into a more natural and comfortable one; in so doing, you'll achieve greater efficiency and productivity at your job.

According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) at the United States Department of Labor, you should first set up your computer workstation in "neutral body positioning." That involves ensuring that your joints are naturally aligned with your workstation to reduce stress and strain on the muscles. Next, you'll want to invest in some ergonomically friendly products. They don't always come cheap, but in the long run you'll notice and appreciate the difference in comfort level. Don't know where to start looking? We've narrowed the ergonomic field down to footrests, backrests, keyboards, mice, and screen stands that will help bring comfort to your work day.

Here are some of the products featured in our "10 Ergonomic Products for Your Office" slideshow:

Kinesis Freestyle Solo Keyboard
When it comes to keyboards, you never want to use those plastic lifts underneath, which cause your hands to type in an unnatural fashion and reduce blood circulation through your wrist and hands. Rather, your hands and wrists should remain in a straight line with your forearms while typing. This can be achieved easily with the Kinesis Freestyle Solo Keyboard ($99 to $139 direct), which was designed specifically for the Mac. You can remove the Pivot Tether from the keyboard so that the left- and right-hand sides can be separated, offering more comfort. It has a zero-degree slope, which minimizes the height of the keyboard and reduces wrist extension. Double-wide delete and escape keys are easier for your fingers to press."    (Continued via PC Magazine)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Ergotron Neo-Flex Notebook Lift Stand - Ergonomics

Ergotron Neo-Flex Notebook Lift Stand

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