Monday, April 20, 2009

Crocs prepares the athlete in you with Crocs Prepair

Ergonomic shoes Dubai style ...

"Crocs, Inc. is introducing the all-new Crocs Prepair tm footwear for athletes and anyone pursuing an active lifestyle. Crocs Prepair™ is specifically embedded with nano-silver and ergonomically constructed to reduce muscle fatigue and aids the body in recovering between athletic activities.

Taking recovery seriously
Competitive sports usually consist of three primary stages: preparation, competition and recovery. However, the vast majority of people spend more time in the first two stages but leaving insufficient time and effort for recovery. This contrasts with professional athletes who know the importance of recovery to prevent catabolic muscle breakdown.

Crocs Prepairtm and Ergonomics
Crocs Prepair tm is designed to assist in the repair and recovery process after strenuous sports activities, with nano-silver (Ag) impregnated in Crocs’ unique patented closed cell resin - Croslite tm.

US Ergonomics study states that Crocs Prepair tm footwear helps to reduce muscular effort up to 24.6%and reduces peak pressure by 50.2% while walking. Based on the results of laboratory and extended wear tests, researchers found that Crocs Prepair tm shoes, compared to competing products under the same test conditions, can help in reducing peak pressure and can evenly distribute pressure across the entire foot, therefore providing relief for fatigue.

The ergonomic design allows the foot to assume its natural form, also aids blood flow and reduce muscular effort during standing and walking, especially useful for athletes and sports enthusiasts during recovery, and even for those with weakened musculature (such as the elderly).

Based on the positive test performance
, the Crocs Prepair tm collection has received the US Ergonomics’ Certifications for Performance and Ergonomics."    (Continued via Eye of Dubai News)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Crocs Ergonomic Shoes - Ergonomics

Crocs Ergonomic Shoes

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