Thursday, April 30, 2009

No to Drugs - Pain Relief Tips in a Techie World

Mor tips on being comfortable while typing ...

"Have you heard of Repetitive Strain Injuries or RSI? If you have experienced wrist pain, shoulder pain, neck pain or back pain due to repetitive tasks, more likely you had an episode of RSI.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a repetitive strain injury among techies has become a byword for wrist pain or numbness of the hand. Repetitive tasks using keyboard and mouse that are not ergonomically designed to support the wrist or hand can damage the median nerve that connects the hand to the forearm. This is often accompanied by pain.

How can this be prevented? What can deliver permanent stress relief? Here are some tips:

1. Go Ergonomics!

Choose an Ergonomic Keyboard, Mouse and other Ergonomic Accessories.

Repetitive Strain Injuries are common among those who perform repetitive tasks using equipments that are not designed for such tasks, such as ordinary keyboards that do not cushion wrists or hands for long hours of work, including office desks and chairs that do not provide adequate lumbar support.

2. Maintain a Peaceful Work Environment.

Your work environment can affect your performance as well. Non-conducive work environment, such as noisy or cramped work spaces can trigger stress. Long exposure to this type of environment and office equipments that are not ergonomically-designed to fit the worker to his work produce strain on both body and mind, which over a period of time manifests into aches or pain that the worker may not easily comprehend. Left undiagnosed, RSI can cause downtimes and in an economy too volatile, no employee can afford to lose a job and employers would find it more expensive to train a new one.

3. Go Ergonomics (all the way!).

The science of Ergonomics introduces the importance of "fitting the tool to the worker."

There are many resources online that support the importance of providing employees with ergonomically-designed office equipments. Most employers who have read about ergonomics and what it can do to prevent RSI realized that cutting corners to beat the economic crisis should be done somewhere else and not on office tools that can prevent repetitive strain injuries.

It would prove mutually beneficial for both employers and their employees to use ergonomic office equipments rather than utilize those that may be cheaper at the onset, but would later prove more expensive due to lost hours on the job. Optimum performance at work can be achieved by eliminating pain and injuries that emanate from one-size-fits-all office equipments.

Are you experiencing pain on your wrist or neck? If yes, you could be suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, which is classified as a repetitive strain injury. Do something about it. Seek medical attention first as there can be underlying causes that should be managed clinically. However, when symptoms recur, try to look into the realm of ergonomics. The result might just surprise you!"    (Continued via Ezine Articles, Christiene Socorro Clarin Villanueva)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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