Wednesday, April 08, 2009


3 easy steps to make a call without having to see the screen!

"A Special Phone" application for the iPhone utilizes three senses in order to allow impaired people to use the phone application on the iPhone. Audio,Tactile, and Visual flags allow the user to easily manage making calls. With extra large contact pictures, audio play, and vibration, the caller can be 100% sure that he called the correct contact. The blind, visually impaired, and people that are simply unable to view the phone at the time of placing a call will benefit from this.

While driving, even the simple act of looking at the phone to find a contact is difficult. Using the "A Special Phone" application will save you a lot of frustration and make dialing and driving a lot safer.

"A Special Phone" is a dialing system created specifically for people with special dialing needs. This application helps people with visual disabilities and physical handicaps and has a very easy user interface. It creates a simple solution to dialing on a touch screen that will not only be of great use to the blind, but also to the eldery, children, and those that have problems using the flat touch surface to dial.

You can teach very young children to use this app to make phone calls in case of an emergency. Children that do not even know their numbers can dial out in any situation. Just set your emergency contact number to the first spot, and teach the child to shake the phone once in order to call. It's that simple!

If you have someone in the family, or a close friend or relative that has a vision impairment this application could be useful to you as well. Simply install the application and show the person how to use it. If in case of an emergency, the person will be able to dial out using your phone."    (Continued via apptism,, )    [Ergonomics Resources]

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