Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The VIEW Image Magnifier Offers Portable Ergonomics

Immage magnifier for poor vision ...

"Vision Technology out of St. Louis, Missouri has released a new image magnifier system for people with poor vision. Designed to be portable like a laptop, the unit folds into a flat package for easy transport.

From the product page:

Amazing from all sides, the ultrathin 15-inch LED backlit monitor with 1680 x 1050 monitor resolution is integrated with no glare glass optics giving you vivid image quality and breathtaking clarity not found anywhere else. The VIEW features 2x -65x magnification giving one of the largest zoom ranges found on any portable video magnifier in the marketplace. The advanced precision glass optics provide a crisp image with absolutely no glare, and works together with monitor features such as 5 ms response time and 16 million color hues, creating a crisp and clear image. The VIEW sets the standard for autofocus technology on portable video magnifiers. It packs a high-performance camera into its precision engineered design. Morning newspapaers, magazines, bank statements and anything else placed on the reading tray will autofocus instantly reducing eye fatigue and save time.

Supported with two adjustable arms, the monitor seems to float over the reading tray, and can be positioned up, down, backward, foward or tilted. The over-sized XY reading table is encased with durable ABS plastic. It features an oversized paper stop to square up even the largest of books, magazines and newspapers."    (Continued via MedGadget)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Bision Technology Immage System - Ergonomics

Bision Technology Immage System

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